What’s Inspiring ME This Week

| Three exams down, five to go. Next tomorrow, then Friday.|

Another short-on-words post, since I am, of course, still revising, but I thought I might flick through my Google searches this week and present you with some of the images I have come across. After all, as things go, work makes me crave editing and writing. And reading. I thank goodness for all of the steampunk I can get my chai-tea-stained hands on!

For starters, this stained glass evergreen helped me with a bit of description/symbolism in WTCB.


A flintlock pistol. Enough said. Okay, maybe one piece of dialogue might pique your interest: “Surely you are not under the impression that my Papa failed to teach me how to handle a gun?”





Different types of aerostats… 😀

Beautiful blue dress from the Victorian fashion wiki. My MC of my short story WIP, Louisanna, wears a dress very similar to this in one of my favourite scenes. Plus, I have a love for this icy blue hue on my own steam pieces (see below).

File:Jean auguste dominique ingres princesse albert de broglie.jpg

As such...
As such…

These wonderful automaton blokes (which is no reference to gender, but a quote from the first song I heard):

Steam Powered Giraffe. Perfect visual inspiration for steampunk robots. And, you know, gorgeous people music. *ahem* If I were only a robot made a hundred years earlier… *Victorian-style swoon* (And, whilst David Bennett is a genius, he is, naturally, less handsome and mannered than The Spine, just as Lady Chronaire is made of a great deal more wit and confidence than I am.)

Another video set: this time of the theatrical type and more relevant to my research for the novel ‘H’ than for my short story world: League of S.T.E.A.M. Steampunk ghostbusters, pretty much 😉 Again, this combination of aesthetic and humour and wit is perfect research and glamour for my novel.

The entirety of the Steampunk opera The Dolls of New Albion is worth a listen to if you have the time. I’d love to act the Narrator. Although she’s not technically involved in the story, she sounds a very dynamic character.

There’s an interesting Steampunk name generator from Brass Goggles.com, too. Much fun.

Also, many many more bands I wish I could list and many Etsy shops and other fun online knick-knacks that have been serving the imagination. A lot of my research has, naturally, come from the various authors dabbling in various Steam genres, including Kady Cross (notice: book cover with a blue dress ^.^), and of course Gail Carriger.

Finally, I’m sad to add that the UK bookshops (at least those I’ve reached) are terribly absent of steampunk novels…though I did find this beauty.

THE IRON WYRM AFFAIR. Sorry for the reverse webcam-shot.
THE IRON WYRM AFFAIR by Lilith Saintcrow. Sorry for the reverse webcam-shot.

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