Photo of the Week: Dancers

I’m going dancing tomorrow. Very nice. And I mean proper dancing, not gyrating to sequences of epilepsy-inducing lights and so-called ‘music’ without a tootin’ swing – for tomorrow the dancing social called Itchy Feet returns to Reading, with its 30s, 40s, 50s tracks. As treasurer of the Swing Dance society, I have an obligation, but I also want to go, exams or not. I found my perfect swing dress, too. *shh*

Wandering off campus, I spotted little tags attached to some of the blue benches outside our main humanities building. Curious, I edged forward, only to be greeted by clever, little advertising. Well, it made me smile. The stamped dancers here are, to me at least, unanimous with the Itchy Feet posters/symbol – and, though you can’t really see on this particular tag, tomorrow’s date is stamped below.

Cute, eh? ^.^



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