Lifey-Wimey Things

I apologise for a blatant lack of consistency in my posting. At the moment, I’m in an intermittent stage between levels of everything, an ‘in-between life’. Like Hazel. You know, that character in some film of a depression book by John Green that’s out in Australia and the US, but not the UK yet…

Like John Green says (but of which there is no gif!): Hazel is called Hazel because it’s an in-between colour: “in-between health and sickness, in-between adolescence and adulthood,” etc.

I pity all the Hazels in fiction that they will be forever compared to the Fault in Our Stars girl.

What about nullities, huh? Are some nullities bigger than other nullities?

(Answers in the comments)

Anyway! That said, I am on the other side of having written of the Steampunk short and only goodness knows if it is interesting. June barrels on with its everything (for instance, I have Open Day training tomorrow for work on Friday and Saturday. Brits, come to the University of Reading! It’s awesome!) and in the back of my mind lingers ideas of the planning I’m meant to be doing for July’s CampNaNoWriMo. Yes, I take on too many projects, but that’s the way I like it, for the empty mind is one with vicious claws.

Also, the alt grave key on my laptop broke. So, yeah, that was a success on the existing part!

That’s my life for now, I guess: in-between work and leisure; in-between past and future and all those words entail. In between total and acceptable insanity.

I’m off to play Quidditch and croquet. But not simultaneously. I hope.

One day I will be able to use an SPG gif in a relevant manner.

Oh, hey, this one’s relevant if you imagine me shutting down instead of The Spine!

Is it gif or “jiff”? Is there a culture/US-UK difference?

Also, stop me before I watch too many Green brother vlogs! I have to organise my YouTube ‘watch later’ section.


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