Photo of the Week: Hey!

Welcome to my new blog theme! I’ve been meaning to change it for a while now, but nothing particularly caught my eye until I had the time to go through it. Nothing much has changed in terms of the sidebar. Yeah, it’s changed sides and rearranged, but the sidebar notes are the same. One day, I’ll find a double-sidebarred theme. 🙂

A friend recently introduced me to Instagram. As you can probably guess, this is never a good idea, and the app is an addictive one if one likes photography and social sites. The like/favourite button on the pictures is simply a double-tap, which can be annoying when one simply wants to get to the photo page, but that’s a minor annoyance for me. It’s a pretty simple app to use when you’ve set it up anyway.

As such, though, I’ve been customising my pictures with the filters (I love me some filters) 😉


So, yeah, have a cool image of an alpaca that I met/fed at a zoo in Suffolk today. He knows where you live… *cough* Nah, he’s just a friendly dude who knows where your food bag is!

For more pictures of similar quality and colours, pop over to


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