Music in YA

Tooting her euphonium for the brass section, my good friend and CP/writing partner, Lillian M Woodall, talks about the types of music present and absent from YA fiction. You’ll see I happened to inspire the post – and maybe I’ll write my own when I have more time.
Personally, I’d like to see serious characters (like Lillie herself) with instruments that are less than typical. One gets comedic characters playing brass (“it’s a bloody euphonium!”), but very few serious characters where playing an instrument is part of their limbs – like being as described by Heidegger (Philosophy tangent 😉 ).
It’s that age-old problem of how to include part of a character’s personality without having that take over the story. Opinions?


Perhaps my last post till August. Four trips are lined up for July, and the ten days I’m at home are all schooldays. Fortunately I’m feeling fairly organised about it all (except the financial side!).

So, without further ado, Alex once again gave me a great post topic. Here’s her tweet:


Anyone keeping up with the big YA Contemps of recent years might guess, like me, that this trend is at least in part caused by Gayle Forman’s fabulous If I Stay, due for cinema release this summer. As a sidenote, I don’t follow the American bestseller lists, but somehow I snagged a copy of this great book early after its release before many people in the UK had heard of it, so in a way I feel connected to its fate.


Anyhow, as a musician myself I watch this trend with equal pleasure and trepidation. Music is…

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