Quick Takes Friday About Ends of Holidays and Beginnings, and CampNaNo

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7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about Edel 2015, the impending doom of me traveling with a baby, and why theres a man in a banana suit on the IP website


I had to pop home from Suffolk on Tuesday, and whilst I was understandably sad to leave a friend I hadn’t seen since her birthday last November, it’s always nice to be back at home and into the old routine. However, we did a few things before I left.


For instance, we took a circular journey around the rivers from Orford on the Lady Florence, a wonderful dinner-boat. It was smaller than I expected, but the food was exquisite and altogether an interesting new experience.


I also met a bunch of horses. Aww.


As is with the problem with holidays, I found myself spending a little more than a probably should have (and let’s not mention the train fare home, okay!). Apart from souvenirs, I got myself two more pairs of earrings: a string of yellow pearls and two jingle bells. Of course, we also got to swim in the sea. Typical British fun. 😉


I hit 68K for CampNaNo and I feel the ending! I’ve written one of the final scenes, and am in the middle of the big fight scene. Here’s a snippet. I’ve just got to make sure I know which robots and minions have fallen.

Cathy squeaked, held her breath and squeaked again. Vocalisations appeared to be her only weapon for the moments in which she was helpless in the machinations of battle. She ducked as the automaton whirled, its winding wheel ruffling the top of her head.

“Aha!” she cried, struck by an idea. “If we cannot deactivate them from their insides, can we use the turning wheels on their backs to cease the motions?”

“Unfortunately not, darling,” Alexander replied. His gun bellowed and the automaton staggered backwards, whisk-ends scratching at the lead embellished in its face.

Alexander fired again, and the short-range blast shot the automaton off its feet and into a tool trolley.

“Well, then?” she yelled over the din.

Charles joined them, sword swiping his opponent of flesh and blood, the engineer, to the floor. An inky pool spread from under the man’s shirt, and Cathy looked away. Even the stench of dying hunks of flesh began to offend her olfactory system.


I baked some cakes for a BBQ this evening, but I was left with only brown cane sugar in the house, and the results in the smaller pastry cases…. Well, suffice to say I won’t be using that combination of small cups and brown sugar again. I’m just not used baking it.  No pictures here. Luckily, the muffin-case cakes came out all right.


Following that, I’m properly saying goodbye to England in the early hours of tomorrow morning, and jetting off to Dubai. Yay!




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