Ready. Set. Write! Update 11/8

Ready. Set. WRITE! is a summer writing intensive that encourages goal-setting and accountability, and provides an opportunity for us to cheer each other on wherever we’re at in our writing—planning, drafting, revising, or polishing. This year, RSW hosts are Alison MillerJaime MorrowErin Funk, and Katy Upperman.

I’m back on track after my holiday, and have lots to natter about, yay!

How I did on my goals last [two] week:

1. I’d like to write another 10K for ‘H’, even though CampWriMo finishes this week. Finished Horology at 73K. I’d aimed for 80K, but I suspect I’m missing some necessary description and I’ll have to deal with the pacing, perhaps. I might add a bit about the antagonist creating a code for Cathy to crack before she finds her kidnapped fiancé. At the moment, it seems a bit “oh, it’s probably there”.

2. Dubai holiday. Catch up on reading. Yes! Finished Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Ha, bet you didn’t know I was reading that. Actually, nor did I – I started when I first bought the book about a year ago, but abandoned it for books of which I didn’t already know the plot. But I was moving stuff about as I readied to go on holiday, and I realised I had the urge to read on.

Also finished reading The Iron Wyrm Affair, and that’s some fine storytelling and voice. I’d use a similar voice for my third person works if I didn’t know a début author would struggle to get an agent with such untight prose*.

On Saturday, I finished Soulless by Gail Carriger. In fact, I read about 20% of it (according to Kindle) in 2-and-a-bit hours. Though now I feel kind of copy-cat with the fact that Horology has its final show-down in a laboratory, with, you know, operating tables, instruments and everything else. I didn’t copy, promise!

Look – I even have Tweet proof of my first thought after finishing. xD


So true. I have a bit of a [surprising] weakness for innuendos and *ahem* naughty scenes. 😉

My goals for this week:

1. Edit Of Jackets and Phones, in particular chapters thirteen and fourteen because they’re a little messy. *hmmph*

2. Polish and send chapter seven of OJAP to CP.

3. Start writing out my fantasy-horror crow short story. Plan accompanying scarecrow short?

4. Write more of NA uni romance (that I said I wasn’t going to write in the summer anyway :P)?

5. Send out another query for WTCB? I’ve sent four already for August, along with the three I sent in the middle of July, but I don’t know how many more to do without feedback. I jump between believing in my first three chapters and then going “why is this not awesome!” 😦

Favourite recent paragraph from my WIP:

This is from what will be the first or second scene in my NA uni romance. Inspired by the atmosphere of my first year at university, it looks at Jess’ experiences with being away from home, as well as dealing with a difficult affection**. But I don’t want to start with the MC drinking, because that’s kind of cliché, so this might be the first scene instead.

“Why did you let me drink so much?”

Swiping them in an arc from her bed, her knuckles brushed a foreign shape on the bedside table. Plastic. Bumped. Heavy enough that it was full… Feel by feel, Jess’s mind came online. A bottle of water. Good. She snapped it up.

“You’re telling me.”

Megan sounded as if she’d swallowed a glass rather than drunk from one.

The biggest challenge I faced this week:

Writing this is a slow start at the moment because I’m having trouble adjusting back to contemporary after spending just over a month on alt-history fantasy. It doesn’t help that I keep calling Jess ‘Cathy’, Horology’s MC. I mean, I want to write it, I’m still excited about the concept – and indeed, I did a good 1000 words yesterday, in the midst of bowling! – but I start actually writing and go mehhh. I don’t know, sometimes I just can’t be bothered, both in writing and life in general.

Something I love about my WIP:

On the other hand, I’m editing OJAP and it’s going well. I was trying to raise the wordcount by about 2K and my additions are well on the way there, despite how much telling I’m deleting. The great thing about a murder mystery is that adding the wordcount is easy – from tying every line of thought together to slipping in distractions and subtle clues.

I’m also reading a biographical book about Agatha Christie, so that’s helping me build a better sense of mystery and red herrings, despite the fact that book1 of the trilogy is not the archetypal Christie whodunnit (that’s book2. Book3 is more of a thriller).

Found this on Pinterest. I love it :D
Found this on Pinterest. I love it 😀


*My own aside: This highlights the main issue I have with writing Steampunk: the problem of voice versus tight writing, because, as you might know, a lot of 19th Century voices use adjectives and elaborate, unnecessary sentences and syntax. In Horology’s first draft, I have 37 instances of ‘quite’, though a fair number of those are in dialogue as my MC expressing restrained agreement:

…she’d quite forgotten she had an access through the night-twisted asterism…

Her scream fell a second after her, quite the Penny Dreadful comic sound.

**I never use the word ‘crush’. I find it demeaning of emotions.


4 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Write! Update 11/8

  1. Sounds like you have had a productive couple of weeks! Go you! And I love the little excerpt! I wish you the best in achieving this weeks goals! Have a great one!

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