Photo of the Week: Wooden Waves

Not much on the actual photography front this week, sadly: the entirety of the, what?, three photos I took this week were purely touristy and not artistic, though I did take a nice picture of two in-costume Victorian flowergirls and a train-shell in historical Windsor, which I might share later if the wifi between my phone and my laptop would please work. *annoyed look*

On the other hand, I’ve been playing my electric a lot to pass the time and dissolve into music. I think I mentioned Shimmer when I first acquired him? *obligatory guitar fretboard shot*


Anyway, back to the photo. This is another from my trip to Dubai, our hotel room. I couldn’t help being a bit macro/’arsty’ (if one might call it that) when I saw the way the chest of drawers was shaped – to fit with the rest of the water-and-wave theme in the room, I suppose. All the drawers themselves were the same size, but I had fun working this out by opening and closing them to different levels! #childsplay



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