7 Quick Takes About Music and Writing and a Little Bit of Costuming

Regulars know the Friday drill. Join us at ConversionDiary  as we connect about our weeks.

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about dog whispering fails, a hilarious interview moment, and why my radio show will have the best intro music ever


It feels like it’s been a busy week for me – back and forth even when never moving. Now September is here, I’ve started preparing my body, soul and mind for moving back to Reading. Next week will be the start of the physical preparations…packing. I’d love to wait until after Lincoln, but that would give me five days (actually, that’s totally acceptable).


Speaking of which…my costume is almost finished, and I’m getting excited. Here’s a snippet I took to test out the use of petticoats under the floor-length dress. Technically, my petticoats are 50s and half-length, but if I wear them at that very line of my hips, they provide some necessary frame on full-length. Yay for petticoats.

And messing about with photo editor...
And messing about with photo editor…


We’re looking after two cats at the moment, a grey tabby and a black-and-white bundle. Not to mention little neighbourhood Mew (at least, that’s what we’re calling the feisty little girl) who, whilst at odds with the two we’re looking after, is still content to try and steal their food by forcing entry into our house with her cuteness. It’s not my fault I’m a weak soul when it comes to felines!

The three of them are certainly a handful, though! I’d forgotten the thrill of cats, chasing, struggling, looking all big-eyed when they don’t want to eat the food we’ve provided. 😛



Not only is this 6-minute (SPG) song awesome, and one that definitely grew on me, and it always From the (am I allowed to say iconic?) album The 2 Cent Show, it’s one of their more acoustic-sounding pieces.


My music… I was supposed to be practising a few of the songs for choir in my privacy today, but I have misplaced—

Literally as I was writing that, I realised that I’ve been looking in the wrong email address for the classical repertoire. Right, I’ll be practising that tomorrow then. The evening is for writing exclusively.

I’ll hopefully keep updated on this one. This is one of the things I’m looking forward to on my return.


On the other hand, I’m definitely getting back into the swing of being a guitarist. Maybe one post I’ll write about the year’s hiatus I took and how it helped me. Shimmer is easier to use than my acoustic, Ruby – electrics have lighter strings, and I’m finding it much easier to barre and run the fret. Certainly, useful for songs like Brass Goggles. Not so useful for today’s work, I’ll Rust With You, but that song’s pretty groovy anyway 😉 The most difficult part is probably singing the melody as I find the strumming patterns


Editing. I got through chapter 14, one of the more…difficult chapters of OJAP, mainly because of it’s compounding of all Agnetha’s thought-trails in the novel – also, as I discovered, it is 4000 words of chatter and contemplation, two phone calls, Agnetha lying on the floor crying and some mother-daughter dissonance. Whilst these are totally acceptable themes to have in the novel, I’m worried about this chapter for its interesting-ness. I mean, if I’m getting bored editing… #nothappy appropriate here.


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