500th Post Party

Welcome! Pull up a virtual chair and nab some virtual grub. This is the 500th post on this blog, and, whilst every 100 milestone is worth cheering about, I feel I ought to be particularly proud of getting this far. The blog is a few months shy of her third birthday (January) and though it was a slow start, once I got into the habit of writing every day, we were rolling.

With 426 followers, I’m just over the 20,000 mark in views.

Unlike many of the blogs I follow, I don’t actually get that many funny search results leading the way here. Some are weird, but even those make sense when paired with the types of topics about which I blog.

future dreams – I think this reflects a post I once did about pre-cognizance. Or perhaps one in which I talked about one of my many bizarre dreams. For instance, last night I dreamt about being in a play of the Lord of the Rings and, even playing a hobbit and a minor character, I was under-utilised. Cool special effects, though.

Rion prise – I suspect this is the name of someone. In accord with my blog, Rion refers to my antagonist – no idea what prise is.

pretty red heads in heels – Whilst this search term (3 people searched) would have found a post about singing and red hair extensions, the post certainly had nothing to do with pretty red heads…

a poem with imagery, smilies, personfiction – I think you mean ‘personification’, but, yeah, there are probably a few poems around that utilise those.

pavloc conditioning of your secetary – what? You want to condition your secretary? #misogynist Also: Pavlov.

stanislavski theme cake – I’m not sure how you’d do that. Interesting. If anyone works it out…

why am l fascinated with clocks – Good question. Come back to me when you have an answer, please.

That’s enough. As you can see, the drama and psychology aspects have actually drawn more people to the blog than the writing things. On the other hand, would you like some photographic snapshots of my topics, ideas for those of you wondering if you’ll stay?

(All of these photos have been published on the blog before)








Love's chosen few








Philosophy essay tips


shiny brain

Thanks for celebrating this milestone with me. Come back soon! I have more gifs!


Let’s finish off with some music. I Fight Dragons is a band who use video game noises and references in their music – and is surprisingly catchy. Kaboom:


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