Photo of the Week: Fantasy

I took over 100 photos. Seriously. Yeah, there are some similar photos and rubbish ones, but they do total over 100. Yay, photos! *laughs* This means I have a wealth of actual photos (ie. taken with ma camera, rather than phone) to choose from.

Cue huge photo size…


This lady always has a wealth of creativity in her outfits. As such, however, I didn’t see her without a collection of photographers – as we all wanted to catch a photo of her outfit(s). So, this is cropping out the people at the edges. And hence the ivy of Lincoln Castle acting as the perfect background for photography. This is the raw photo otherwise, though I might play around with filters and colour/exposure tweaking once I’ve sorted myself for the week.

In actual fact, this photo doesn’t do her justice. Below the corset, the golden, wire-like dress goes on, balloons out with flowers and butterflies emerging from the ‘metalwork’ (if we are going by the idea of a steampunk fairy), blue gems, light sapphires entwined.

I think fairy is the right word, but that’s probably too mundane a word. She did have giant, hydraulic wings of gold and the same wire-like pattern, but they were being repaired when I took this photo (I did see her wearing them later, though). Just goes to show how diverse even a single costume and a genre can be! Love it!


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