Photo of the Week: Asgardian

To borrow a phrase from the stereotypical ‘preppy’ girl, I had a super cute weekend, starting with The New Frontier launch party, where local rock bands came to entertain us. It was a bit loud, but a nice Friday evening to have nevertheless. After that, I alternated between “chillin'” and working, but to some success. Now to stop procrastinating from my psychology stuff, haha…

P1020180This photo features a t-shirt design* of Loki, all Tom Hiddleston-ed, clutching a goblet of ‘Asgardian Absinthe’, which I suspect is probably 100% more potent than Earthly Absinthe. Those Norse gods can stomach it. On a slightly tangential note, there’s something integrally steampunk about Absinthe, isn’t there? In fact, I’m currently reading A Conspiracy of Alchemists by Liesel Schwartz, in which the first chapter features an Absinthe fairy.

*The design is available to buy at all good Ebay and less traditional outlets. Probably. I didn’t my friend where it was from when I was more concerned with the photography.


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