In Which I Wear a Black Wig and Film on the Coast

So… *twiddles thumbs* it’s been a while since I’ve vlogged, not for want of doing so, but because I lack time in masses. I suppose it’s appropriate that almost a month has past since my trip up to the coast. But I took time to edit and think, and this was the result.

Anyway, I took the scant videos I made of my trip to the Whitby coast for the Goth Weekend (with steampunks :P) and tried cobbling them together into some sort of travel diary…ish. It doesn’t help that I forgot day 1. I hope you enjoy the vlog as much as I enjoyed doing it and making it…even if the beginning is full of cheese. I should stop using my webcam to record vlogs…

The memories! xD

You must also love my terrible camera handling! 😛 I apologise for that. If I get any footage from Saturdays Steampunks in Space, I’ll try and be more level-camera-ed. I hope to get one about my Zara costume up soon, but that’s not looking likely with my assignment deadlines looming.

Alex out 🙂 x


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