Nomad – The Album

Just wanted to celebrate the post-apocalyptic steampunk band Abney Park (though they are American, they got their name from the real Abney Park, located in *ahem* England), whose newest album Nomad comes out today. You’ll like Abney Park if you like slightly heavier steampunk music, as well as less traditional instruments (on Tribal Nomad, we hear/see Captain Robert’s first bouzouki solo) and an overarching storyline behind great music. In Nomad, Captain Robert and his crew of the Airship Ophelia are well and truly grounded in the apocalypse, and must find a way through the dark and this deadly new world.

What I also love about Abney Park is how varied their music style is. You may remember that a previous Friday I linked another song from Nomad, Two Elixirs, inspired by the tale of Jekyll and Hyde, which is more electro swing than anything (as is The Casbah from the little I’ve heard of the song). Tribal Nomad is a lot more traditional apocalypsica, but songs like The Anthropophagists’ Club (from their previous album) showcase their musicality. And witty lyrics! If you don’t know what an anthropophagist’s favourite meal is…

Anyway, the official video for the song Tribal Nomad:

It’s pretty nifty a video as well as an awesome song 🙂

You can buy Nomad on Abney Park’s website, or just go to support the band and enjoy their music.


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