7 Quick Takes – All of the Uni Activities this Week

Oh, come all ye faithful! Hullo! I feel like I am surrounding by essays and music at the moment. Friday’s 7 Quick Takes, previously hosted by ConversionDiary.com, has moved to the delightful This Aint The Lyceum. Go check it out. 🙂


Yeah, I know it’s Saturday. I tweeted yesterday, at oh look half-eleven pm, that a post wasn’t going to happen.


I have two philosophy essays in for next week, so I have been living and breathing texts at the moment. In addition to that, I have three multiple choice exams during next week (so the blog will go quiet), including a stats one. However, I can’t complain. I am grateful for being a uni student, and I must take the difficult with the easy.


Nevertheless, I hope to over the holidays write a mini essay for the blog about one topic of Aesthetics, especially since literature comes under that umbrella. My essay may focus on music, or may be a rewrite of one of my academic ones, or I may well consider author’s intentions (it sounds fascinating, but the topic itself is actually rather dry).


Tuesday was the internal lunchtime concert of our carols, and it went off smashingly. I thank God every time I sing for giving me a voice here even if I can’t elsewhere and giving my ever-growing confidence to sing out.


I went to the Drama Society’s performance of The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui by Bertolt Brecht. Let me tell you, THAT was powerful. Because it’s epic/total theatre, there’s a lot of uncomfortable moments and death – particularly painful for me to listen to was the gouging out of eyes of the character played by the president of the Swing Dance Society, who happens to be one of my good friends. A former classmate (you may remember him as the bridegroom who strangled me in a short film) was on par as creepiness, and my neighbour was one of the backstage crew. Plus, I got to hang out with the true Theatre Kids, in one of those “I’m home!” moments.

Google stock photo of Ui



I’ve not really got into the Christmas spirit [yet?] – commercialism depresses me, so give me nativities and hymns every day – but watching the Reading Uni Orchestra reminded me of a couple of my favourite classical things, regardless of this time of the year: Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker suite.

And the descant of Hark The Herald:

You can’t beat a couple of Cs!


I’ve done no relevant writing this week. Gasp all you want (xD!), but I haven’t had a smidgen of time to do the writing I think about. However, I had worked a little on Horology, including adding bits in here and there.

Okay, this was the case on Friday, when I was supposed to post it. Then I went to the play (see above) and had a drink with an old friend, and time escaped me. However, the play was running a jolly length late, and, inspired by the 20s music, words for UTC struck me.


Laurie blinked slowly. Watching her, the logic had all slipped from his mind, replaced with the kind of haze his mother had warned him of. But it warmed him, too.

“What are you doing?” Laurie’s voice echoed through the cave, fixing his smile in place.

“Enjoying this. Come on. If we get to the central cavern before–“

“We get nothing.” He raised both eyebrows. She didn’t half come with a giddy side.

“A feeling of success.” Jess crushed the clue-bag into her chest, and spun in a circle. Her boots dug trenches into the soft cavern mud. Pretty circles…


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