Happy Steam-Powered Christmas

I suspect anybody reading this on Christmas Day will have also read a thousand Christmas posts. So, I wanted to do something different, and have gathered a few lovely Steampunk Christmas pictures from the web.

A mechanical and copper bauble?

That’s a slightly creepy Father Christmas necklace.

If you want a faerie or supernatural edge to your Steampunk… Photo of a window display in Macy’s, New York, 2011.

Such a pretty sewn Steampunk border. The offset of the holly, red and green, strikes well against the golden gears.

This one’s more subtle (at least, I think so); it’s easier to spot the ice blue and the white flowers of the wreath before noticing that there are also cameos and clockwork parts attached.

Yes. Can all presents be delivered this way? Please?

lissa-quon on Deviantart.com drew this wonderful picture of a Steampunk couple (at least, they’re a couple in my imagination) building their Steampunk snowman. Not sure what the snow would do to the metal hinges, though. Mmm, the ideas I can get from this…

Steampunk Christmas by lissa-quonThis is Chris’ tree. It has a steampunk minion, cogs from Cog ‘O’ Two and a top hat. Yup. Who needs stars when one has top hats, eh? *grin* I don’t have my own tree, but the family one is pretty normal…except for the Golden Snitch bauble I added.

I would have done this myself, but I haven’t had time to craft or photo… Maybe for the New Year. 🙂 (Image by DA’s dav0512RT in 2010)


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