Reasons to Love Winter

Another list post, yay. *random cheering from nowhere*

I actually had this idea for a post about a week before Nevillegirl did her own version of it, but I never got around to writing it. So…I was here first. Totally.

  1. Fluffy jumpers. I used to hate wearing fluffy jumpers, but now I find them a great source of comfort in the winter months when short-sleeve tops and loose clothing fail to warm me to any extent.
  2. In the same vein, our eating habits change. When we were children, this meant more chocolate and more full-fatty sweets for our energy and warmth; now that chocolate no longer tastes so nice – and personally I can’t afford to eat it – we look for other sustenance during the winter months. Soup is great to provide nutrients, flavour, and central heating for lunch.
  3. If you like the darkness…well, good for you. With shorter hours [in my Western view of winter] of daylight, there’s more hours of the night-time. And y’all know what that means? Party time! 😉
  4. And, of course, longer time in bed. This isn’t one of my favourite pasttimes, but sleeping in is conducive for the dark times.
  5. It means one can stay in and watch videos. With a back-catalogue of films, TV programs or webseries, winter is the perfect time to catch up on shows and things when the outside is so full of rain that going out is grim.
  6. More time for writing, too. I guess. In the winter holidays, as opposed to the spring and summer holidays, I prefer to stay with my thoughts to myself instead of needing to travel outside or soak up the sun. On the contrary, sometimes the melatonin, or getting sleepier quicker – hinders my productivity. Winter is a give-and-take when it comes to writing.
  7. Frost is crunchy. Okay, so there are times when the weather is horrible, but there are also times when the weather is at that quaint level between eerily cold and warm-enough-to-melt. I may prefer the summer sun, but I do like those picturesque moments of walking through the frosted grass.
  8. Uh, snow? We had some up North, but, of course, I wasn’t there to jump about in it. We’ve had some cold temperatures down South in my places of residences, but no snow. Yet. I’ve barely lived a year in my life when it hasn’t snowed.
  9. More time for partying. It’s a little of a small point – and connected to the next – but there’s something about the night that engages the light-hearted side of the brain, fuelling that desire for fun and entertainment. As such, the winter does not let us down in that respect.
  10. Festivities and family. I’m sure there are many great celebrations during the rest of the year, but winter has its own warmth in the amount of times people come together and forget their differences for the sake of good tradition. Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s in quick succession. Plus, the amount of food and lamp-light in these occasions only adds to the warmth and power the festivities give.


At least, this is what I’ve found about winter. It may be a ravenous and unforgiving season compared to the others, but it has its niceties and sweetness.


2 thoughts on “Reasons to Love Winter

  1. Generally, I do not like Winter (as I tend to suffer from SAD), so I look forward to my favourite season, Spring.
    But you have a point…the beauty of a hoar frost, and the pretty patterns to be seen everywhere, on windows and car bonnets, to the leaves outlined with ice crystals, and spider webs looking like jewels draped in the bushes. Fresh snow brightening a dreary landscape, or bare branches silhouetted against a brilliant sunset. 🙂

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