Photo of the Week: Demolished

As in: I demolished this chocolate and drambuie tart. Literally, because it was so rich chocolate, and I don’t normally have a starter and a dessert. But it was a set three course meal, so why not? *grin*

P1020308 - Copy

Out of the photos I took for my New Year’s dinner, this one was the nicest of the ones that were ever going to make it the blog (family privacy and all that). I slipped on a black-white feature, and, going with my compulsive neatening, cropped it so that the plate corners were the photo’s corners and the cutlery were almost upwardly centre.


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Demolished

      Google it. It’s a type of Whisky, I believe. Added just a little zing to the tart, but what I mostly got was chocolate. Even the cream and raspberry coulis didn’t offset the chocolate flavour. 😮

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