7 Quick Takes about Room Touring, Cooking, and Fancy Quoting

Welcome to the New Year, and, of course, the start of this year’s 7 Quick Takes. Join Catholic bloggers around the world as we sum up our weeks. Hosted by This Ain’t the Lyceum. (Look at the shiny new logo… *strokes logo*)

seven quick takes friday 2

#1. I’m back in Reading, and that’s exciting, even though nothing much has happened – and I’ve only got the academic term to look forward to.

#2. Dancing! Swing band Ding Dong Daddios played some great tunes live last night, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow night’s dancing, the biggest in the Reading area for a while. I am blessed to be a part of it, as small as I am.

#3. I’ve been doing some cooking and trying to sample more unusual dishes. I’m looking forward to working on things I’ve not tried before, from easy dishes to slightly more complicated ones. And eating them straight, though I won’t have the money to eat out for ages yet.

#4. I kind of almost redecorated my room. Or, rather, I stuck my tongue out at the fact I have no space, and managed to re-sort with re-thought. The power of thought! Blogger/Vlogger Irish American Sword invited me to vlog a room tour, so, apart from writing this, panicking that I’ve not sent a Beta my next chapters, and editing another vlog –urg– I’ll be filming that today.

#5. Speaking of which, do you remember me saying that I finished the second draft of Horology? Woop. *party poppers* Actually, it’s pretty sucky, but I’m happy enough to send it to my dear Alpha, who’s been waiting at least a month for it.

#6. No new writing this week, or the previous weeks, as I have been editing. I can’t say I have a favourite part of the draft, but there are a couple of nice lines, I guess. I don’t do humour well, so I try what I may.

#7. I like the mysterious elements in some of the chapters, though:



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