The Room Tour (and Other Crazies in my Life)

Life is already hectic before I could blink and ask about it being so. Even so, it is a Tuesday today – a ‘busy’ day – and you have I finished my room tour, and thus it stands in its shiny, craziness.

Look at that dazzling thumbnail! Anyway, that’s it for now. Alex out.


4 thoughts on “The Room Tour (and Other Crazies in my Life)

  1. Has anyone ever told you that you’re a dork? xD Because you are. But that’s OK, because I’m one too. This video amuses me. Also, hello pumpkins.
    (And I NEED a leather jacket. But I have yet to find one that fits tiny people, because any that I’ve tried on were too big and left me practically swimming around in leather – also, they were pretty expensive! So unfortunately, I can’t yet run around pretending to be the Ninth Doctor. But someday…)

    1. I always thought I was more of a nerd… xD Actually, Google’s definition of a dork is ‘a contemptible, socially inept person.’ Ouch. Urban Dictionary has a much nicer interpretation: ‘Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times.’ Yup.

      (This one’s long, so it’s more of a Ten look. In fact, I’ve worn it before and had someone say “you look like a cross between the Tenth Doctor and River Song!” Yay!
      Anyway, yeah, because of the leather or faux leather, the jackets can be pretty expensive annoyingly.)

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