Photo of the Week: Snow!

Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t miss yesterday’s post. That wasn’t me; that was someone else… xD

Time got away from me, I’m afraid, and it’s already slipping through my fingers.

Please don’t start singing ABBA.

Anyway, this week’s photo had to be one thing and one thing only. Unless you’ve not read the title, you’ll know that thing is snowFinally, finally in [the South of] England we got some snow. I may not have been very much, but one only has to look at the Christmas-Carol-y look of the photos from my room to see how lovely it was.

Plus, I know I didn’t intend to post today, but we also had some pretty snow in the morning, too, so providence got its place.


I had some other photographs – but, as per my phone, it has started deleting my notes and photos and things, and just generally metpahorically blowing up in my face. So, this is nice enough. Hope you enjoy the photo. I know I did. 😉


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