Running Around With Brooms Between Our Legs, Take Two

Or: The Second Annual Valentine’s Cup

No Quick takes Friday today – *gasp* – and I have a valid reason…apart from having been utterly butterly busy today.

What is this mighty fine reason, Alex?


(Image copyright to someone on the Oxford team, I’m sure)

This weekend I’m off home to sunny-ish Oxford for the mercenary Quidditch tournament The Valentine’s Cup. This involves players from any, every, and no team signing up to play in one of sixteen pun-filled teams. (This is Quidditch – we don’t take ourselves so seriously, of course.) After players pay the entry fee and complete the form about their positions and a self-assessment of their abilities, the captains connect up via Skype and hold an auction or bidding for the players with ‘money’ or, rather, points they had equal to start. And a captain, if playing, has to factor in their own price as well. 

As you can probably guess, this leads to a lot of squabbling big money battles over the bid players.

By the way: if you’ve got this far, and you’re still wondering what Quidditch is – or, I should say, what the real-life ‘Muggle Quidditch’ sport is – let me redirect you to my first blog post about Quidditch or this about page from the UK’s Quidditch governing body, QuidditchUK. And it is not only for Harry Potter fans! Quidditch is energetic, community-filled, and an exhausting cross between netball and rugby. 

Anyway, I love this particular cup, having experienced its auctioned awesomeness last year. Its big twist? Because this is Valentine’s themed, players are auctioned and bought in pairs. I managed to ask one of my Reading Rocs teammates, and we now find ourselves, amusingly enough, on the Paynekillers team, captained by Olivia Payne – my Valentine’s Cup The First pair-mate, or ‘Qualentine’.

I have yet to see how this weekend will actually pan out, though!

Want to follow the goings on in European Quidditch this weekend but won’t be able to make it to a quaint English city? You can catch up with all the action on the Valentine’s Cup Event page. Alternatively, keep an eye on Twitter, where there are many players and Quidditch UK officials – I’d start with hosts @oxfordquidditch, who will no doubt be literally on the ball detailing the weekend, the scores, and the socials, as they pass. If this so catches your fancy – I will be tweeting if I have time and WiFi – you can follow me @Caelestia_Flora.

Reading Rocs
Reading Rocs Quidditch Team logo



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