Photo of the Week: Miniature

Do you ever wish you were made of Lego?

Okay, I don’t, but I do appreciate being made into a miniature Lego model. At some Lego stores, one can create from a variety of pieces any shape of Lego character. So, eventually, I ended up with one (or two) of my own character, more Alexandrina Brant than Lady Chronaire, despite the Steampunk aesthetic of the figures.

For this week’s photo of the week, I was blessed to have a distinct few background onto which to work, so I varied my use of flash and not-flash, especially since the room doesn’t have the greatest of lights. Of course, their yellow skin is awkward to photograph, but, again, the use of flash deals with that. I was also happy with how distinct the colour has come out, in particular with contrast to the background. These photos have no post-camera exposure adjustment.
AlexB_Lego2And here is the other couple in a sepia filter from my camera. Even the pixilation does not have too negative an effect on the photo quality.

AlexB_Lego1As you might see, their background is a clock mechanism, ideal for any Steampunk fan. I am pretty proud with how these photos turned out – in particular, the use of background and foreground. The Lego models are quite the subjects.



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