7 Quick Takes about New Ideas, New Earrings, and New Vloggings

I may have been a little busy the last couple of weeks, but I’m back for this week’s 7 Quick Takes with other Catholic bloggers and hosted by the lovely Kelly of This Ain’t the Lyceum.

seven quick takes friday 2


With my first philosophy essay in this morning, things seem to be settling back to normal a bit— if there is such a life as ‘normal’. Even so, I anticipate I will still be working on items of work and research as the next half of the term begins to gather pace.

Philosophy and consciousness via Instagram



On Friday, I watched the film City of Ember (based on the novel by Jeanne DuPrau). A little predictable, but overall a nice YA Fantasy – good for those who like dystopians, but it was not over-the-top with all the dystopia clichés, like factions, etc. Tempted to buy the book, myself. There was a puzzle-solving aspect that started my mind churning over a new story plan, though I’m not sure whether it’d be a portal fantasy or a city-underground fantasy.


It’s Lent! I’m observing the usual fasting and abstinence rules, which is in addition to the vegan meal I have with my Bible study group every Wednesday. I find Lent a better time for resolutions than the New Year – after all, we are working towards something (ie. the rise of Our Lord) rather than simply the turn of the page or the simple change in the calendar. So, it’s good to use this opportunity to fit back into a better style of living, both spiritually and physically.


I plan to start doing #vlogagrams more. Those are vlogs of a few seconds long on Instagram. Writer Katy Upperman does her own every week on her Instagram and her blog, which is where I first heard of them. I hope these will improve my confidence in front of a camera and my audition anxiety in general. Plus, they work as snippets into my reading life…when I read some more. The main downside is that there is no chance for editing (without downloading an app.), so I have to record straight and off the bat, and this can be more difficult for me, both in time and, you know, confidence.

This week’s theme was #coverlove, so I went with some of the only covers I had in my uni room. Also using YouTube to help me share…


The Etsy bug has bitten me again, so I will have to put on my restraint hat. This time, it’s new vintage stuff. For instance, these lovely earrings (and lovely packaging!) from The Robot Princess, who does all sorts of sciencey and fandom jewellery, if that’s your thing (it’s certainly mine)! I’m quite pleased with this photograph. I might have to utilise the packaging as backdrop for my photos more often.



New idea syndrome has also been hitting as to my steampunk story about The Mallard’s journey into space and the perils our servant heroine faces there. So, I’ve been writing, but not so much on either, just a mix of the both Steampunk WIPs…


He smiled – and in that one smile, my soul slithered from my body and cozied up to his. When it found my chin, his hand was soft; leaning forward a jot, he took the opportunity, and with it my breath. Literally. He sealed his lips over mine, as if the compartment were lacking enough oxygen for the both of us, and he was going to take all available.


Thoughts, comments, replies...

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