Bear With Me…

So, not only have my studies lead to an almost brain-deadness that has affected my holidays, but I spilt tea on my laptop, and as such have had no response from it. This leaves me without my materials and with no aim towards progress or blogging.

Give it a few days. I need to lock back into sense. I need to rework and rewire myself, even with the promise of a new device.

I don’t need a break, but I am being given one, and I must suck it up and switch plans, projects, and systems, until my life is some semblence of normality once more.


2 thoughts on “Bear With Me…

  1. NOOOOO. YOUR POOR LAPTOP. Is it fixable?!! That would absolutely devastate me…my laptop is like my arm, or something. xD But still, enforced breaks can be good, I guess. Whenever I go camping with my family , I kind of accidentally have an enforced break. >_< SO ANYWAY. I hope it gets sorted/fixed soon!!

    1. Not sure if it’s fixable, but my boyfriend is a computer nerd, so he’s been helping me through some of it. At the moment, I’m using a spare. Hmm. The writing aspect is the worst part…and not having the link to revision websites…

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