Photo of the Week: Whiteknights in Green

Monday greetings! I hope it’s sunny where you are. The middle of England has been brightening up – for however long it will – and these last couple of days have actually been glowing, as such. I have what one might call the luxury of a corner room with a tree in front of most of my window. I essentially get the least of the sun, so it’s cooler inside than out. For the time-being, that is all right. I’m in no rush to revise in the blaze of the sun.

Speaking of sunshine, I walked my way through campus yesterday, and the trees have flourished so much since I have been away for Easter.


I saw this composition of colours and simply had to photograph it. These are trees near the lake and they have a tendency to curve towards that stream you might just about see in the right hand side of the photo. Whilst photography will never capture the absolute natural beauty of the scene, it does carry a little of the greenery I saw.


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