What’s Up, Wednesday? 22/4/15

Well, it’s been a while since my last What’s Up, Wednesday?. Phew. Nice to have a format, though, so while my schedule’s still all over the place, I’ll find myself a little bit in these short headings.

What I’m Reading

Reading several books at the moment, including SPLINTERED by AG Howard (I’m halfway through), ADAMANT by Emma L Adams (loving the voice and the setting!), and HEART OF BRASS by Kate Cross (just started – it’s more Steampunk research that casual reading, so I’ll take it more slowly).

What I’m Writing

Not actually activity writing every day like I used to, but that’s acceptable around exam time. Other than editing WTCB as per usual, I have also been working on Mallard: Cosmic Train when I can, but at the moment, there’s not much progress but transferring what I have on my phone onto the Word doc..

ii) Goal for this week: write a little bit more of The Mallard whilst I am away at the Steampunk festival. Be inspired. And write something beautiful.

What Works for Me

The sunshine. It’s been inspired me as of late – simply because warmth and light brightens my mood (remember, I am part cat! :P). It has helped me to get on with things and spurred me into all the relaxation that summer is. Just got to get through this term…

I have also been hunting through the TED Talks for psychology and linguistics ones, and there are some fascinating ones that actually relate to my course. 🙂 I am trying to immerse myself with science when I can – not only for my revision mind, but also because every Steampunk needs a good bit of science to bolster its fiction, which is one of the reasons I love writing it.

What Else is New

Revision and back to uni for the last term. It’s only eight weeks, but this actually means more things to do. Everything’s just jammed into a smaller space, like a bad skeleton key.

I will also be heading to the Whitby Goth Weekend tomorrow in (surprisingly enough) Whitby, a town on the North East coast of England. This means I won’t be on the blog, but I’ll be back for Monday’s Photo. 🙂

Tell me – what have you been up to? Reading anything good at the moment? Or are you, too, swamped under work or school pressures?


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