Beautiful People: The Costello Brothers

Time for the monthly Beautiful People meme hosted by the lovely lasses Cait and Sky. This month’s topic of interest was of siblings, those mysterious people we have no choice but to know because we grew up with them. I write a lot of siblings, so this could have been a difficult choice for me who to talk about – but, in the end, it was always going to be siblings Rion and Phillip Costello, fourth and fifth of the eminent Costello clan in Phillip’s Era. The Costellos, particular Rion, Phillip, and Peter Costello, feature heavily in When the Clock Broke­ – not least because Phillip is one of the Main Characters of the novel.


  1. What is the first memory they have of each other?

No doubt, Rion’s first memory was of a mother confined to her room for a couple of months. The boys were both young when they were first introduced, obviously, but neither has a distinct first memory of the other. Phillip remembers Rion running about the orangery; and Rion remembers Phillip and Octavia Costello’s cries in the night, but these are little memories compared with everything else.

  1. Describe their relationship in 3 words.

Bitter at best.

  1. What kind of things do they like to do together?

They might not admit it, but Rion and Phillip actually have a lot of things they like to do in similar, such as dining in full evening dress, and, uh, taking the air, ahem, with their lovers.

  1. What was their biggest fight?

Difficult to say, but probably the incidents of the novella/short story I never managed to write more of than on a writing site: Lysander Yakinos Archer (caution: mild mature scenes). I’m rather protective of the plot since I’ve not brought a finish to the writing/editing and bits of it are in the yet-unwritten final instalment/novel of the Time, Stopped Trilogy, but I’ll say that Phillip disapproved of Rion’s life-choices, lost his temper, and events got out of hand. Rion misinterpreted further events as Phillip’s fault and swore to stop his happiness, too.

(Of course, I’m biased to Phillip’s side.)

  1. How far would they go to save each other?

Despite how Rion has frequently been malicious towards him, Phillip would try and save Rion from himself, if Rion would listen. Rion, on the other hand, is bent in jealousy and his anger, and would try the opposite to throw Yet…he would never kill him or let him wander into danger, such as is their blood.

  1. What are their pet peeves about each other?

Phillip can’t stand how sycophantic Rion is, particularly around their father. One of Rion’s biggest pet peeves against Phillip is how pretentious he can be, all poetry and no fight.

  1. What are their favourite things about each other?

When they were younger, Rion secretly envied how much attention his mother shed on Phillip; as such, they share the fact they care about their parents, and, despite their battles, this must bring them closer to some extent.

  1. What traits do they share? Mannerisms, clothing, quirks, looks, etc?
Philllip (Matthew Lewis)

They have the same dominant-gene raven-black hair and similar sharp-cut jaws. As Costello bachelors and siblings with two years between their ages, they do have similar taste in outfits (though Rion tends towards more expensive-cut suits in darker shades, but he also has a terrible habit of tearing them easily). Both brothers tend to slick down their hair with a quiff in the front – although a nice formality (and something to make them appear more attractive possibly!), not every Costello brother actually slicks their hair, but Phillip and Rion are rarely out of hairwax.

Similar in image, not in personality or goals.

  1. Who has the strongest personality?
Rion (Rob James Collier)

Rion. In 2010, the beginning of the novel, Phillip can barely stand up to his older brother, not only afraid to, but also ashamed to. As well as the ‘status quo’, Phillip doesn’t quite know how to argue against Rion without being humiliated. If anything, it’s learnt habit on both their parts. Rion belittles Phillip because he knows he will get no backlash, and Phillip allows the belittlement because he expects insults from any train of thought he makes.

  1. How does their relationship change throughout your story?

It definitely has an element of role-reversal about it: as Phillip grows in confidence, Rion’s assured, brattish exterior suffers some major blows and we see his interior riddled with jealousy. I think that Phillip, whilst sharp in tongue about Rion, would definitely be willing to forgive his brother for his malicious behaviour – everybody must have some kind of reason for their actions. Rion, on the other hand, refuses to move on from the incidents that he believe Phillip did to him. Subtle vengeance. Think Evil Queen/Regina Mills from Once Upon a Time.

Sometimes the most interesting villains are those who were once pals with the protagonists (though, I’ll admit, I can hardly say that Phillip and Rion were particularly friendly to begin with). Well, that is a little peek into the lives and times of two of the Costello brothers. Check out other sibling pairs in the Beautiful People monthly tag. And, seeing as I made it into April’s one with a mere hour to go, you should check out other people’s posts.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful People: The Costello Brothers

    Your charries sound really cool! I think I’m a bit biased towards Phillip, too. He sounds like he’s got a great character arc 🙂


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