7 Quick Takes about Schedules, Singing, and Study

Sort of back on schedule, so here’s a summary of my week, hosted by This Ain’t the Lyceum.



Obviously, the big events of this past week have been heading to Whitby with The Boyfriend last Thursday to Sunday. It’s funny to think that it’s been an entire week already, but the days are passing quickly for me. I hope to write a post about the steampunk convivial/festival, but I much doubt that will happen before my exams/June. But, in a sentence: Abney Park were fun, but no Throw Them Overboard; her Ladyship acquired another corset; the weather was doolally and truly an English spring April; and I had such a high temperature one night, I started delusionally blathering about how much breathing had shapes. True story.


Exams. It’s now May, so I now have only a couple of weeks before I am deep in the pits of revision. I have five exams, three Philosophy and two Psychology. My Psychology are blended exams, which does make it feel like I have more to revise,concentrated, but contrarily, I have less than the single-honour Psychologists. Sometimes I just don’t have the emotional energy…


At choir, we’ve started singing Faure’s Requiem, a choral piece which was my first piece of proper choral singing, so it sits in a soft spot in my heart and I’m looking forward to it again. Feel the passion of the soprano/tenor led Sanctus. Beautiful. :’)


We’re also singing Mozart’s Coronation Mass. It is very upbeat and praise-ful, so that’s entertaining to sing, too, even if it feels as if we rush through all of the movements already. It will take some learning.


Speaking of singing, we wandered up the clocktower this morning for May Day singing. 8am to ring in the day and wake the students :P. We definitely sung better than last year, and we all had a good time.


Editing… Ah, there has been none of that or writing whilst I spend my days revising and my evenings relaxing.


I have been reading…mostly ADAMANT by Emma L Adams, an alternative-universe sci-fi. I’m only on chapter four, so I can’t say much of what is happening yet, but I am enjoying seeing the conflict that is growing already.


2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes about Schedules, Singing, and Study

  1. Good luck with all those upcoming exams. :O They sound mildly terrifying. I HOPE YOU DO WONDERFULLY WELL.!! I haven’t done much writing this year at all, actually. >_< After I finished editing my book, I think my brain said, "Nope to writing. Let's be a professional chocolate-taster instead." No one's hired me yet, dangit.

    1. I’m secretly mildly terrified, so I’m sure that reflects that. Thank you for the good lucks!
      No, writing as an art has somehow escaped me lately. I think I will find it in the summer, though, when I actually have the mental time. But you’ve been editing, too, so it’s all good your end.
      Aw, darn. I’m sure you’d be a great chocolate-taster.

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