John 15:15

A quote from the Gospel reading today. Our priest made the remark that if we go away with one thing from this Mass, we go away with ‘John 15:15’. God is calling us all to be his friends, his children and not his servants, and it is a call that requires us to do nothing if we don’t want to – He is calling us to be loved by him. If we do nothing else, we can at least share His Love through being good Christians and looking out for others in our daily lives.



One thought on “John 15:15

  1. When I saw your post in my email, it cut off at ‘doing nothing.’ I thought, “No, wait a minute. God doesn’t call those who do nothing friends. John 15:14 explains that we are His friends when we keep the commandments.” So I had a whole argument lined up, and then I read the rest of your post about being good Christians and sharing His love with others. And my whole argument died. Instead, I’m just going to share my favorite part of John 15:15 –

    I love how Christ says that we aren’t servants, because servants obey without knowing what the master is doing or why. He calls us friends because he has made known unto us everything from his Father.

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