I will never be impressed by people who claim to have high IQ

My friend and Psych mentee Miriam has started a blog of interesting Psychology posts. In this one, she talks about how the concept of ‘IQ’ is actually not a particularly valid way of measuring someone’s intelligence. Check it out. 🙂

If I’m at a social occasion and someone, usually male, makes a point of mentioning that by the way they have a very high IQ, 185 or in the profoundly gifted range, I mentally note it down as zero.

Firstly, a high IQ is not something someone can ‘have’, it is a score on a test. Secondly, they probably believe it marks them out as part of a highly intelligent elite, when actually IQ only measures one piece of the intelligence pie, mental agility, which is based on reasoning and problem solving abilities. What about creativity, practical intelligence, social intelligence, emotional intelligence, and perseverance. And thirdly, I’ll be wondering where they got this score from, because this matters in terms of whether it is valid.

If you google ‘IQ test’ there are many websites offering free IQ tests, but scores from these should be taken with a large pinch of salt as…

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