Quick Takes Friday: 7 Unexpected Character Traits

Seeing as I’m in the middle of editing, I’d thought I’d make this week’s Quick Takes super quick, and give you some facts about the characters of my novel When the Clock Broke that I never expected, even when writing it. These traits sneaked up on me, and simply existed as part of their characters.

seven quick takes friday 2


Phillip sleepwalks.


Percival Costello has a doctorate in ocular medicine.


Rion lost an arm in battle. His left…I think.


Peter has haemophobia.


Zara is left-handed.


There are six Costello brothers in Phillip’s generation. Always have been, and, hopefully, always will be.


Phillip paints and would like to play the piano, but has little natural musical skill.

Of course, all these points have grown in themselves, such as how Phillip’s mere interest in the piano eventually led to Zara’s mother marrying a man who could sing and act and Zara’s siblings being musical.

This is one of the reasons this novel has stayed with me since I wrote it: it is always surprising me. I love the interactions between all of the main socialite families and how what they have done has effected the Continental society as a whole.


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