Steaming Fourward ;)

Hahaha, puns. 😛

The new, fourth Steam Powered Giraffe album, The Vice Quadrant, is out soon. We only have to wait until the beginning of September. I am excited, looking forward to it! However, what was even more exciting was when, this morning, they released one of the tracks from the album as a single:

Soliton. (One gets to learn a new word as one goes!)

Beautiful, no? The space opera is going to be massive, and I’m surprised how light this particular song is, if one compares it to the album release-date preview of the single Space and Technology, which is straight out of an 80s TV show intro*.

Support Steam Powered Giraffe. They are an independent band, and, though popular, do live off their album and live show sales. It’s great to see teasers like this, but it takes them a lot of time—and it’s incredible the time and effort they put into all their work and acting, and bands like these – with talent – need to continue to exist, otherwise one gets stuck in a world of popular, autotuned music.

*This is a compliment. 😉


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