A Winter Reading List

If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t stick to ‘trends’ of book reading, and I hardly ever read books when they first come out, and sometimes I just read whatever I stumble upon, regardless if I’ve heard of it before or if it’s something I pick up without warning. Of course, mood and work also influences the length and spread of my reading list. So, really, I won’t know til I’ve found myself in them.

Here, I’ve been inspired by Cait to take and edit my own photos of the books I’ll be reading, too…



THE LABOURS OF HERCULES by Agatha Christie. Suitably creepy, this is a less common Poirot mystery – or, rather, multiple mysteries with Poirot taking what he wants to be his last cases as to be influenced by the myths of the Roman god Hercules and his twelve labours. I’m only on the third labour, but we’re up a mountain without a funicular (literally) and, as usual, I’m hooked.


My precious collection of Roman Mysteries. And, yes, Pomegranate is inescapably the wrong cover. Grr... I take this sacrifice.

My precious collection of Roman Mysteries. And, yes, Pomegranate is inescapably the wrong cover. Grr… I take this sacrifice.

THE MAN FROM POMEGRANATE STREET. Aka, the last book in Caroline Lawrence’s Roman Mysteries series. I never got my hands on this book when I was younger and reading the series, but I’ve always admired and been inspired by Lawrence’s writing, so I feel I ought to finish this series.

Also, I was kind of annoyed to find the series in the 9 – 14 year old reading section…along with Skulduggery Pleasant. Come on, those last few SP books are not 9 – 14 reading…


MURDER OUT OF THE BLUE by Steve Turnbull. I like having a Steampunk book on hand, particularly an independently published one like this. I grabbed it at Steampunks in Space November 2014, so I’d like to get on with reading this novella. Dirigibles ho’!


I love the edit I've done on this photo. Magic, indeed!

I love the edit I’ve done on this photo. Magic, indeed!


A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC. I need to start reading this. I finally got my hands on a copy for free – I was having trouble using my Blackwells card given by the university and for some reason online was saying I had 0 credit – and, sadly, I probably won’t have the time to read it around my academic work. On the other hand, I read my first VE Schwab book VICIOUS in three days – hence the desperation to get my hands on ADSOM.


And if I need another (because this list would be painful to me as an incomplete fifth), I’ll also be dipping in and out of TOO CLOSE TO RESIST by Nicole Helm on my Kindle. I struggle to read ebooks quickly, so I’ve been making my way through this one for a while, but I’m making good waves through it now, so I’d like to continue on that path.


So, that’s my possible reading list for the new year and onwards. I am hoping to make a dent in it for once. What about you? What sorts of books are you looking forward to reading during the winter?


One thought on “A Winter Reading List

  1. Ooh, I’ve never heard of The Labors of Hercules (well, not Agatha Christie’s version – just the original myths), but it sounds really cool and I need to find it at the library ASAP!

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