7 Quick Takes – Back to Uni, Dancing Around, and Events Galore!

Phew, I forgot how busy being at uni was. It’s been a long first week, but my laundry is on and my room has been tidied, so I can finally sit down, have some ‘me’ time and blog. You can catch up with the other 7 Quick Take Friday bloggers over at This Ain’t The Lyceum.

seven quick takes friday 2

Of course, with everything about uni going on, I’ve also landed myself many Freshers outtings and social things to do, amongst societies and friend-groups. That’s the good thing about being a third year. This also means that I’ll be a final year, with all my big exams coming up this year. Argh!


I went to see a couple of my close friends at one of their gigs last night. If your into Folk music/traditional ballads, you should check Loreley out. They’re young students, but they put so much work into their duo and the results are clear. Plus, their second album will be coming out soon.


Swing Dance has been my week mostly. We had a demo from 12 until 2 on Wednesday – and we had international teacher Bobby White over from the States to teach our evening class—which went on until 10.30! Three hours of dancing in various shapes and forms! Safe to say that when I got home, I flumped right down on my bed. Still a little aching today, to be honest.

Freshers' Fayre Social Dance was a hit!

A post shared by RUSDS (@ru_swing_dance_society) on

Lovely ladies. This is from the RUSDS Instagram

You can check out the Reading University Swing Dance Society website, even if you don’t live anywhere near. The concept of Swing Dance and Lindy Hop are similar wherever one lives.


I also had a Quidditch taster that afternoon to encourage the Freshers, and not just those with an interest in the Harry Potter. That’s right! For those of you who are new to my blog, I am a Quidditch player for the University of Reading (England). I usually play Chaser, but I have been known to Keep and Beat when required. We have quite a few Beaters in Reading, so the need rarely arises. Check out Quidditch UK for more info on the type of Quidditch I play.


Also went to a friend’s surprise welcome home party this prevening, which was a lot of fun. Our mutual friend organised it through the Chaplaincy; and it’s one of those moments where the genuine spark of life is reignited. God is Good. More than ever that He gives us these friends and chances.

 I am so enthusiastic! 😛


As you might have guessed, I haven’t had much time to write. Or edit. Or even read. The days have flashed past with me running to catch them. So, instead, here’s a recent extract from the geeky love piece I’ve been working on, which I’m excited to say has a title. Even more excitedly, the initials are SoS, so that suits my tastes exactly.


I flailed. Again and again, until the pain had slunk back to its hovel in my subconscious mind. The air was soft—until it wasn’t, my fist smacking down against one of the framed photos with which I’d lined my desk with their distant smiles and past glories.


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