What Are you Writing? Sunday Fiction

A day late, but I wanted to participate in Vanessa Rodriguez’s Sunday Fiction Post-Up where writers share extracts of their WIP or latest works. After an exhausting weekend, I’m back home and I get some time to myself again. This extract is from my contemporary romance short, ‘SoS’, which I finished the first draft of today. This is from page 25, paragraph two.

I looked up. Cheeks in royal red tried a smile back.

“You’re not…embarrassed, are you?” I asked.

He jolted, and the notebook snapped shut. For a second, I wondered what he thought was important enough to be writing now, yet private enough that he thought I’d be spying over the miles of interstellar space.


“It’s alright!” I raised one hand. As if I had anything to be defensive over.

But the tension was there. I’d already overstepped the mark and my cheeks burnt. Trust me. Trust me to eff the norm up again! I winced. I had a nice thing going – I happened to, as weird as it was, like interrupting my quiet Thursday evenings off to receive a Skype from across the oceans… Even the terminology sounded dreamy, as if the solid masses of water weren’t a barrier, but a wave and path leading us together.


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