From the synod (5): Despite reservations, the new machinery appears to be working

Thoughts from the Synod of the family so far (via Catholic Voices Comment).

Catholic Voices Comment

synod[From Austen Ivereigh in Rome] Being close to the synod has been like watching a very complex piece of new machinery sputter into life, with many standing around wondering how it is all going to work, a vocal minority complaining that its engineering is skewed, while most are pleased with it, regarding it as making progress despite early stumbles.

As delegates from across the world adjusted to an intense schedule and a radically new format, among some there was grumbling and bewilderment at the task ahead. In some cases there were also strong objections, expressed, for example, in a dubious letter from 13 cardinals revealed today (dubious because it has been disowned by its signatories) to the synod’s new format.

Cardinal Napier Cardinal Napier

It was after the receipt of this letter, or something similar — Cardinal Napier has confirmed to Crux that he signed a letter objecting to the 10-man writing commission — that Pope Francis last…

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