7 Quick Takes – A Pinup Wishlist

Don’t you find it frustrating when you plan to write a post or reblog something and you don’t even give your blog a glance on the day? I mean, even this is two days late this week… *sigh* With my swing dance, uni, and [sometimes unsuccessful] writing commitments, I have been finding more and more lately I have not had the motivation to do a blog post, or even sort out a reblog of one of the many fantastic blogs I read and partake of.

seven quick takes friday 2


So for this week’s Quick Takes, I’m going to do something different, as I have to rush off to a friend’s afternoon garden party. I’ve recently been really inspired by vintage fashion and repro[duction] clothes, and so I have a kind of ‘wishlist’ for pieces that I’d wear. (And can’t currently afford because I am a poor student).


I may slightly be fixated with cherry print vintage. I love it to pieces. This pencil skirt is different from the usual cherry print dress, and I’d like to mix up my pencil skirts from my current situation of just black.

Lisa skirt by LindyBop. I haven’t worm any LindyBop before, but a friend recently got a LindyBop dress that she loves the quality and fit of, and I’m eager to share her love of the company.

Lisa Cherry Pencil Wiggle Skirt | Vintage Inspired Fashion - Lindy Bop [wantsies]:


Look at how yellow this is! I love the cute addition of pockets as well. It’s a swing dress in cut, but with a studious twist to be able to use in day-to-day business.

Dee Dee dress by PinUp Girl Clothing

Dee Dee Dress in Pastel Yellow and White Pin Dots [wantsies!]


Is there anything cuter than a Christmas jumper? I mean, I’ve never been a huge fan of Christmas jumpers because they’re seasonal and get forgotten about, but this reindeer in profile along with the sturdy Christmas brown makes this jumper onto my wishlist.

Chrissie Deer Jumper by CollectIf. I love CollectIf, so no arguments here!

CollectIf Chrissie Deer Jumper [so cute! Wantsies]


I do like a tulle underlayer or two on my swing dresses – keeps me warm whilst walking to and from classes and events in wintertimes, and negates the need for a petticoat (though, one could wear one if one felt so) – and the use of mesh on the shoulders gives this dress the perfect vintage edge.

The Garden State dress in Mint Green by Unique Vintage is all kinds of adorable, and it’s similar to a dress I’ve bought recently in cut/fit, so I know that my figure suits these kinds of fuller swing dresses. Even if it is on the pricier side…


Of course, every outfit deserves some lovely pinup heels to match, with heels short enough to dance in, but high enough to be classy.

These are the red t-strap heels by Chie Mihara, and I love the hint of circus in the beading-effect. Though, I’d never buy them for the price! I just think they are nice for looking at.

Red T-strap heels [wantsies]:


I’m hoping to do more reviews of vintage and repro clothing on the blog, as they’re easy and quick for me to do with my now hectic life! Plus, I love to share how vintage fashion can be worn. I have an entire Pinterest board for vintage clothing and the like—in which slips a dollop of Downton Abbey, because why not? For more information on Swing Dancing, see my society’s website.


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