7 Quick Takes: It’s Been a While

Or, at least, it feels that way to me. I have been so busy as I said the other day, but I’m trying to keep in order with the blog, even if I’m only doing three or four posts a week (and one is a reblog).

seven quick takes friday 2


I’m soon going to start collecting data for my Psychology dissertation project! It’s exciting. But it’s also beginning to get more I-tell-you-I-kill-you. 😉 Well, private. However, if you want more information, I’d suggest reading this paper, off which we are basing our research.


I am also doing so much extra-curricula stuff that my weekday evenings are completely booked up, including the Fridays, which vary depending on the event. Same with Saturdays. Tomorrow is yet another friend’s birthday, for which I’ll jet home a bit.


I’ll say my favourite weekdays are my surrogate weekends: Monday and Tuesday. I am so blessed to have a place at the university Chaplaincy always welcome to me. As well as mass on Tuesday lunchtimes, I’m now part of the Rosary group in the evenings.


This also means my meals are changed. But with having to be on the two campuses at 5.30 on Tuesday and Thursday respectively I’m actually not too perturbed. It fits into my routine – and allows me to much a little healthier with my home-made rice and spiced veg dishes.

All is well with me, and for that I am blessed.


Celebrated one of my closest friends’ wedding at the weekend, which was an amazing and spiritually satisfying event. The service was lovely, if a little short, and God was definitely present in leading these two young people together in His plan. So I shed a couple of tears in the joy of the Lord.

And, yes, my partner and I had a good time, too. 😀


Editing. Editing is going well, I think. I’m a couple of chapters away from the second round of edits on my contemporary romance short, SoS, and, apart from some spontaneous/unjustified arguing, the characters and their actions are falling into place.


I’m not going to share a snippet today, as I keep jumping around my editing, but I will share a list of the phrases I’ve recently removed from the document, fragments I remove as they are (so if they seem fractured, that is why).

Some meanie had emptied a vat of lead into where my heart was supposed to be, and the ache resonated down even to my teeth.
“Moving on…” Joel murmured to me.

, as I was now calling it
Well, I’d progress if Joel was my sounding-board. But…
Ironic – now I would’ve loved to have the ability to train myself away from donuts and back into that body.

Did you ever think?
Stop telling me to ‘chill’.
why wasn’t he replying?
I wouldn’t open my mouth.
I wasn’t over-exaggerating. Not at all.
“Never mind,” I said quickly.
I’m sorry you don’t agree.
She’d not said it back…


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