Christ the King

We discussed Christ the King in our Word reading on Tuesday. How Christ is the bridge between this material world of our sins and God’s eternity. How he has power over death and to conquer sin.

This feast was created to combat the negativity and growing secularity after the first world war, something which resonates very much in today’s society. However – as I reblogged earlier – Catholics are not on the downfall, and there are still many Christians out there teaching about the Word. I still see, in my life, people being inspired towards God and learning about Him. We are growing by our strength of faith and community spirit.

It is also the feast of Saint Ceciliatoday, who, as patroness of musicians, I have always felt close to. God has always guided me to music, but it took me a long time to realise that he was showing me that I can use my passion and talent for singing in choral praise to Him. Looking back, it is interesting to notice how my singing habits and interests have changed over my life (for it does feel as if I have been drawn to singing my entire life). I have a much narrower focus of singing nowadays, but it is almost exclusively centred around choral music, where I feel I achieve the most. I know this is not a coincidence. God has led me here and given me the chance to sing for Him; and I will.

So, today, as well as praising and thanking God for sending His son to save us, I will also be thanking God for music in my life.


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