Quick Takes Friday: Editing and Essays

Well, the term has officially finished for everybody, but I’ve still things to do. Seven Quick Takes is hosted this week by Written by the Finger of God.

seven quick takes friday 2


Why? Primarily – an essay for Typical and Atypical Reading due on Monday. I’ve really enjoyed this Psychology module for this term because it links nicely into my interest in linguistics. I am learning so much more about the science behind language – about Phonological Awareness and phoneme-grapheme correspondence.


It’s funny how quickly the year goes, though. Funny to think that my first time of the last year or my undergraduate is over – it’s been three months, but that’s only 12 weeks if one thinks about it. And it feels as if I have done so much, but at the same time, it has been hardly any work at all.

Sometimes, we all need God to ground us in the present day even when we get swept up in our surroundings.


This week, too (well, last Friday) I had the dance show with my university, which was so much fun. We performed three different strolls from three different eras, the Shim Sham, the Charleston Stroll, the Guaglione.


There’s no official video of our part or the entire show, but this is one of the original recordings of the Shim Sham, featuring the amazing Frankie Manning, who died only a couple of years ago.


As such with everything that has been going on, even with the end of term changing my extra-curricula activities, I’ve not had much time for writing. I just have to prioritize, even though it saddens me.


I’ve been editing my fiction, though, and I’ve made progress with SoS, hopefully to the point of finishing it for now.


Although I had doubts about this short story, I’ve come to love it, most because of its two voices. With an American character and a Brit, I’ve tried more than usual to vary the way the different POV narrators speak, make observations, and use vocab. It’s been a good learning experience for me in terms of my writing.


Thoughts, comments, replies...

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