One More Step Towards Recovery

When I was fifteen, I wrote this song. It wasn’t the best I’d written, but it was far from the worst, both in lyrics, melody and accompaniment. It was meant to be about a relationship falling apart; but listening to it now, I could say that its lyrics mimic the recovery one takes from mental illness. In these drear times of war and violence and pessimism, it can be hard to stay optimistic about the future and confidence is easily dampened. However, we must keep our chins up and take one step at a time up that mountain of recovery.

Help me escape from this strange place. Let’s take it one more step at a time.


2 thoughts on “One More Step Towards Recovery

    1. I used to write songs – a lot more before I started writing – but I chose to focus on my writing and I don’t really any more because I don’t have/make the time to actually play out tunes on my guitar or piano any more. Yah, that was me singing. As I say, I was 15 at the time and I mostly focus on choral work nowadays, so my voice is very different and a hey of a lot better.
      Thanks for the comment, Cait!

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