The Christmas Spirit

I went to Mass in Leeds Cathedral this morning. It was a beautiful building (new to me, as I’m still learning about Leeds life) and an energising service to celebrate the last Sunday of Advent and Mary’s Yes to the Lord. I’ve always loved the fact that John jumped in Elizabeth’s womb when in Mary’s presence – he recognises Christ even before he sees Him with his physical eyes, proving the power of the Holy Spirit extending even to the very very young.

Albertinelli Visitation.jpg

The famous painting of Mary and Elizabeth, The Visitation by Mariotto Alberti

That’s an incredible thought; and a greater blessing for those Christians who are expecting around this time of the year.

This year in particular, I’ve not felt the most Christmas-y. I have never much overly enjoyed Christmas, simply because I’ve never overly enjoyed commercialism, and I feel that the older I get, the easier it is to see commercialism at every turn. Nevertheless, today, 5 days before the actual event of Christ’s Nativity, I’ve finally started to feel the emotion and wonderment that is Christmas, the gathering of family and friends together to celebrate how much God loves us by giving us the greatest Gift.

Here is the Spirit Incarnate to come and save.

Even if you only enjoy Christmas for its holiday aspects, I wish you safety and comfort this December.


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