Elizabeth Stokoe Talks About Analysing Conversations

Although this TED talk is a year old, I have only just come around to it, and I couldn’t not share it.

This is fascinating, and exactly what I try and think about when I am writing dialogue. It’s also one of the reasons I am drawn to want to understand the pragmatics of Linguistics – that is how and why the use of syntax (sentence structure) and semantics (eg. choice of word and its meaning) differe between those from different backgrounds, in particular different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Have I missed my calling? 😛


5 thoughts on “Elizabeth Stokoe Talks About Analysing Conversations

  1. Maybe I missed my calling, too! A lot of what she said, I intutively knew. Plus, I take it a step further. A person’s native language and culture affects what they say and how to say it. A German, for example, might say, “It was to me a nice thing” because that’s literally how it’s put in their native language.

    1. You probably don’t. Hmm, I was going to say that dialogue is easier than it seems, but then I get quite a lot of my ideas and scenes with dialogue first. You know – characters talking in my head, then I have to fill in their actions.

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