What I Do at Uni: Exam Edition

This totally isn’t being posted out of order as the first in a series *shifty eyes* *grins* Well, I am in the slow slow process of writing a post about a typical(ish, as every day is different) day at my university, but I thought, having been in the middle of exam season – where activating neurons and working memory for revision inspires creative writing – I’d do a post about the way I revise.

Of course, everybody’s revision patterns are different – and this is me reporting as an early bird, as someone who does better at working and focusing during the early day, not the evening or even the afternoon.

7am-8am – wake up, or doze for half an hour. In this time, my brain starts to gear up, starts to plan the day: what I’m going to wear, what I’m going to eat, what I’m going to study and where.

8am-8.30 – get ready for the day. During the revision period, I tend to skip on makeup and even my contact lenses (these take time to do and often simply hamper my revision). On the other hand, I make time for making breakfast, for a bowl of porridge with water and a dash of salt. It’s not about keeping myself full; it’s about stopping my stomach growling in the low-murmur of the library.

By about 8.40 or 8.45, I start leaving for campus. My walk takes about fifteen to twenty minutes depending on the speed I walk, the weather, what I’m wearing, and my mood.

9-12am – I try for a full 3-hours of revision. Sounds barmy, perhaps, but I work better the more I focus on a continuous stretch rather than the suggested 40-minutes-breask-40-minutes. If I break, I get distracted too much to work.

Which is why I keep it to a three hour stretch. My aim every day is for a good 6-hour of revision in order to get the results I want. (I hope! 😮 )

At 12.30, I head for lunch, normally at the campus café. Here, I normally grab a falafel wrap along with my coffee. I am normally pretty hungry after my revision, so I might grab a cookie or a muffin to help fill me up.

Now, the afternoon is where my pattern gets a bit weird. It really depends on the day. This, I think, stems from the beginning of my revision this year where I was simultaneously working on my own revision timetable, whilst also going to revision seminars set up by my professors. These seminars would often be in the afternoon, about 2pm or 3pm, where my lunch-following 3 hours of revision thus was interrupted quite severely—not only by the hour of revision, but the at-least-10-minutes of the walking to (alone) the seminar room(s).

Sometimes, I will spend the afternoon in the café. My concentration has been partly shattered by the half-an-hour-to-hour-long lunch-break, so I work a little slower in the afternoon. The hustle and bustle of the café and of the campus union is comforting—it is the background noise I sorely need to help my working; otherwise, I get distracted by my own thoughts irrelevant to the matter.

Other times, I head home at about 3. That means I’ve had a good hour attempting to work on revision, and sometimes, I am in one of those days where three hours is the only amount of time I can spend revising. It really is just dependent on the days and all the little things in between. I try and finish my revision by 5, which would be some combination of six hours’ work. If I’m in the café, I can lose track of time and finish at 6 instead.

I try to start dinner by 6.30pm, so I am eating by 7.30 the latest where I have the hunger. And dinner at its longest is half an hour, so I try to have the washing up and kitchen tidying done by 8.30.

In the evening, I chill. After dinner is when I am least able to revise. My mind has spent its thoughts, its processes, and now just craves some amusement in the form of a film or a television program. When I’m revising, I don’t game as much. And, luckily, I don’t much crave to game when I’m revising.

What Sheldon said. xD I wish.

So, that’s me for now. That’s what I experience as a student in an English university.


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