The Little Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs–edited by Elizabeth Knowles

Vulpes Libris


It’s November and – in my part of the northern hemisphere at least – the weather is behaving accordingly, with horizontal  sleet, freezing temperatures and a wind scything straight off the Russian Steppes. Add to that a generalised gloom – and the impression that the world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket – and the thought of warm fires and twinkly lights on a tree becomes very alluring.

So I hereby propose that Christmas planning starts now. Do I hear a seconder? Thank you at the back …

The new edition of the Little Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs is not only a perfect stocking filler but also an excellent source of instant wisdom in trying times. Laid out in categories and with a handy keyword index, you can quickly find an aphorism for every occasion.

Do you want a pithy few words for the unfathomable behaviour…

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