Bring Back the Romance!

Sharing this because the world is in dire need of romance again, not lust or insta-emotions. Start, one at a time, through books.

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Love Tree

Lately, I’ve been looking for good, old fashioned romance. Stuff where you go “Aww” and when you’re done, you feel lighter, and like the world isn’t such a bad place after all. Like Meg Ryan films.


But instead, everywhere I look is sex, sex, insta-lust, and sex.

I’m a huge believer that love is more than butterflies and head spining excitement. Sometimes love is boring, and gross, and downright hard. But true love, the kind that endures, is made of those crappy moments and how people overcome them.

When reading books, I read to escape the crapy-ness of life. I want a romance that’s realistic, but ends with a promise of happily forever after. Not issues. Not abuse. Not sex. Real romance, real love, is about dignity, respect, loyalty, integrity, selflessness, and forgiveness. But it’s like everyone has forgotten that because “sex sells.” Bah! No wonder kids today are…

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One thought on “Bring Back the Romance!

  1. My writing buddy and I were just talking about missing true romantic comedies. Meg Ryan was the queen! Lately, it seems like if you want to read a true romance, then you have to go back to the classics. You’re right–nowadays it’s all sex, sex, sex. Where’s the build up? Where’s the love? Where’s the passion?

    Keep smiling,

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