June 2017 Wrap Up

Like, did I actually a) blog and b) do a wrap up post?? Blame Cait @ PaperFury for inspiring me.

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I finished ADAMANT by Emma L Adams. Thoughts/Mini Review? 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. I liked it, and the characters were quirky, but it was a pretty chunky read, particularly for Kindle, with an intense load of worldbuilding. I admired the writing and it had lots of strengths, but I won’t be reading on the rest of the series because it just wasn’t my thing.

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Number of nonfiction books, textbooks, and PhD theses I read: At least 6. And, boy, I’d say that was a lot!

Currently reading: ADVENTURES IN FUNERAL CRASHING, a YA mystery by Milda Harris.

And RULES FOR THIEVES #2 by Alexandra Ott (MG fantasy novel RULES FOR THIEVES #1 came out last month. Did I mention that you should check it out? 😀 )

And THE SHAPE OF VERONICA by Steve Turnbull

in my role as critique partner. I love having this role of helping bring a piece to life before it hits shelves.

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Does 3000 words of my Masters dissertation count? It’s due in September, which is not that many weeks if one thinks about it. So, 7000 more…? It’s not that much, to be fair, and most of it is laboratory methodology and motivation. But I have a couple of neat deadlines coming up and I have over 2000 words of notes. Now to make them into a proper literature review.


Strictly under confidentiality. I’ve completed online confidentiality training and everything. All I can say is that my sociolinguistics research is based in the North of England and concerned with the retention of nonstandard forms.

A lot of the difficult bits of what I am doing at the moment, actually, are knowing where and how I’m going to sample the informants I am. Whilst I do love my Psychology background, it had left me rather dependent on the idea that participants come to you and through a university system. But not any more! In apparent-time studies of the real world, we need data that’s not confounded by the controlled environment of a laboratory study.

AIRL – Alexa in Real Life

> I moved most of my copious amounts of things from London. Brb, living in a storage locker now. (Not really, but that’s what it feels like!)

> I found a place in Leeds to rent. Well, actually in a small village outside of Tadcaster, but it’s in the City of Leeds borough. Potentially. Depends who you ask. And, believe me, I know. I’ve researched it enough in the last two weeks.

> One of my close friends gave birth to her adorable son last month. He gives me hope in life again. 🙂

> I’ve almost sorted the formal music for the wedding. String quartet are lovely enough. The less said of the organist, the best. And it doesn’t help that an ex was the best organist I know and he won’t be playing our Bach.

Uh, kinda.

I have a black sense of humour that’ll have me playing ironic wedding songs at the reception.

> All that’s left are all of these paper pieces to write and print. *drapes a paper-trail behind her as she tries to patch up her carbon footprint*

> I had the bridesmaid dress fitting and apart from one dress, everything fits nicely.

> I have my last dress fitting next week. It’s exciting. Especially now that I’m not worried that I’m going to hate the dress. Now I’ve just got pray that I haven’t put on weight in the last two weeks and that I won’t in the next two.

Currently on my wishlist:

CollectIf Clothing are having a sale at the moment, and of course there’s a good £15 off some gorgeous pieces, but, being an engaged student and all, I can’t afford anything over £20, which really limits my scope.

I could give up coffee.

But you wouldn’t be reading this without a Costa cappuccino.

Hahaha. It’ll happen one day with good reason.

Last on Instagram

The Fiancé was helping his brother with the tiling in his front garden/yard this afternoon, whilst I sat in the background and tried to work out what my research hypotheses are to the very exact degree.

I miss blogging. I hope maybe to get back into some schedule at some point. Or to, you know, blog at least once a month!


One thought on “June 2017 Wrap Up

  1. Wow, impressed that you’ve written 3,000 words for your Masters dissertation! It totally counts! And I hope your move to Leeds goes smoothly. Village life always looks so lovely, but think I’m a city girl at heart. And yes, ironic wedding songs are totally appropriate! I scandalized my mother by walking back down the aisle to the theme from the Newlywed Game. Hey, I thought it was funny! 😉

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