10 Days and Counting…

10 days to go. I repeat, 10 days to go. This is not a drill!


What I have enjoyed the most about wedding planning:

– Organising everything from scratch. I got so much praise from my arguably-disorganised venue coordinator when I sent over my tables of menu choices, and it had been something that had come to me naturally, a common sense way of sorting things, if you will.  It’s not my fault if I run on being organised!

– Meeting loads of lovely vendors and genuine people whose job and passion is to give to other people’s  weddings. What more show of Godliness is that!

– Yeah, I have actually enjoyed the crafting. I don’t do a lot of crafting on my own, so it was good to have ideas in my head that I wanted to realise and to try and bring those to life by sitting down and getting my Microsoft Word skills on and by paper-folding/painting/sticking skills. 🙂

– Spending time and planning with my gentleman. He may be an idiot and terrible at planning (!), but his input is important and we each brought unique things to what will be our wedding.

– Being a part of a God-blessed institution that has existed for years or even since the beginning of Mankind. It is an honour that I get to marry.



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