Dropping The Miss

You may have noticed a few changes over the last couple of days. New headers, new themes, and a new tagline (sorta).

That is because, in a couple of days, I will no longer be Miss Alexandrina. Not legally, anyway. I’ll still be Miss in the sense of follow-me-round-a-Victorian-street, feed-the-birds, takea-your-picture-miss? I haven’t changed. I’m still your friendly neighbourhood Steampunk lady.

Still working in linguistic research, still failing to edit a single word of my pitiful novel/s.

So, it makes sense that my blog is due for a makeover, especially when, with luck, in September or October, I will get back into writing.

That said, I will be tweaking things back and forth probably over the next month until I’m satisfied. I can’t do appearance. I can’t do layouts et cetera. And, at the moment, I can’t do writing, so really there’s nowt much difference to the life of this site anyway, is there? (It’s the kind of thing one needs money for and money is a word with which I have long since lost acquaintance.)

I have yet to work out how to change the domain url, but then I have a whole bunch of things I have to register my new name on that require my wedding certificate in an ‘or else’ sort of way.

Don’t panic (ha hahaha)! I’m still writing under my professional name, as was always the plan. As for what you can call me, here I’ll respond to anything under the vein of Alexandrina, Alex, or Alexa.

Until next time, chums, toodle pip.




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